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Terry Walker is the owner of Walker D/B and was a carpenter from a young age. Spending time in his dad's workshop is among one of his earliest memories. Forty years later, he is still in a shop but now it's his own.

Terry started his career as a subcontractor in the late 1980's, gaining valuable knowledge about the building process and learning which ideas could translate from idea to finished product. After 25 years as a carpenter and craftsman, he has refined his skills and talents into a boutique design/build company specializing in remodeling, custom cabinetry and storage solutions that have a modern slant. His ability to visualize a design, start to finish, makes the actual building process that much easier.   

Terry now works with a trusted team of subcontractors and suppliers who understand his vision and help to bring that vision into your home. Walker Design/Build has completed projects as small as a U-shaped banquette with table to a complete design/build of a 3,000 square foot, 3-story Modern home. Terry's latest innovation includes Flex-Shed, a custom, factory-built,  detached dwelling unit for use as a home office or studio.

Growing up in a 1960's era home, Terry has always had an appreciation for clean, simple lines and efficient design and a desire to create homes that carry those hallmarks. While Walker Design/Build can build to any owner's specification- modern or traditional, his own designs carry the sleek look that are the trademark of Modern style. 



Terry Walker


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